Frequently asked questions

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Who Am I Helping?

Patients undergoing chemo therapy as well as those fighting many other diseases often times lose their hair and need a head cover until the hair begins to grow back. This includes men, women, and children and we make turbans free to all. Turbans help patients to feel more at ease and comfortable when they're out and about. Our turbans are blessed and produced 100% from donations, helping the patients we give them to know that people out there are in this fight with them.

How Can I Help

The Turban Project needs materials and helping hands (be prepared to work if you show up to a meeting) to create more turbans. Stretch materials, decorative pins and buttons, gift cards to JoAnn's Fabrics/Hobby Lobby/etc., or money donations can all help us reach our goal.

How to Make a Turban

The turbans that The Turban Project make are simple enough that even a novice sewer can stitch one together in about 30 minutes. They are an encouraging gift for anyone dealing with hair loss following chemo or radiation therapy. Many cancer centers and hospitals accept turbans on behalf of patients, too. Find out if yours does and get stitchin'!