This Says It All...Its All About Love!


"Bringing a Little Spark of Cheer One Head at a Time."


Free headwear for patients who have lost their hair due to medical reasons.

Chemotherapy, surgery, alopecia, nerves, illness and a variety of other reasons can cause hair loss. 

All headwear is provided 100% free!  We even pay shipping. 

The involvement of so many keep the headwear unique.

Each angel volunteer prays while working on the items knowing a patient will be receiving it.  We are blessed with many loving volunteers who add their diverse personalities to their creations.

All head wear is blessed by a priest, deacon, or minister before delivery to patients or treatment centers.

The patient is immersed in love and prayer.


This is a ministry started by the women of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus Assembly #0830.  We have grown to include angel volunteers from all religions, ages, and walks of life. 

We've expanded and now include 15 satellite projects in the US and 11 internationally. 

We stock 50 hospitals and have created and donated over 50,000 turbans, courage caps, beanies, crochet/knit hats, scarves,  and reusable medical face masks since June of 2012.

The more angel volunteers who sew...the more patients we can help.

Start Your Own Project

Additional Information

Supply a treatment center in your area and watch it grow!  
If  you live in the USA and sew under The Turban Project name, we will supply you with precut ready to sew turbans, courage caps, beanies, and face masks.  Plus, all your supplies of contact cards, baggies, and thread (if needed).  Zero cost to the volunteer.  

However, if you reside in another country we can only provide patterns, instructions, and completed samples.  This is because of the high shipping costs.  We will support you anyway we can.

The only requirements/rules are as follows:

  • Only sew when you can be at peace and prayerful knowing a patient will eventually be receiving the item . 
  • All items have to be blessed by a priest, deacon, or minister/clergy before delivery.
  • Sew in a clean and smoke free environment.






"What you are doing is so wonderful and amazing and you have made my heart happy."  ~(Mary, California)

"If it hadn't been for you I would not have been prepared for the hair loss at all.  They are beautiful and have been a real comfort to me.  Thank you so much for what you do."  ~(Christine, Ohio)

"Thanks for sharing His Love with so many. You are making a difference.  We love the smiles because of you."  ~(Beth, a volunteer at the treatment center in Ohio)

"Thank you for providing women with free turbans during a difficult time.  It makes a world of difference.  It is a life changer for me."  ~(Stephanie, Michigan)

"Thanks to all of you.  I wore my lovely blue turban on Easter Sunday and had so many compliments on it.  May God continue to bless you and your work." ~(Genene, Ohio)

"Thank you for the turbans.  I really love them.  I will pay it forward.  Thank you for sending me cheer."        -(Megan, Tennessee)

"Thank you for the beautiful turbans. They are not only stylish but bring comfort and joy to our patients.  The personal touches make each patient feel loved."  ~(Oncology team, Massachusetts)

"Thank you so very much for your Turban Project and for the one I received today. I'm 73 years old and on a fixed income.  May God bless each and everyone in your Turban Project."  ~(Peggy, Texas)

"May God bless you for making the turbans for cancer patients.They are so pretty and had a hard time picking one out.  I will be wearing your beautiful hats.  Your gift of caring and love are appreciated."  ~(Bev, Maine)

 "Thank you so much for the turban I received yesterday at Ohio Health Cancer Services. Along with my Faith, it's these unselfish acts of love and kindness that give me strength." ~(Joyce, Ohio) 


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